Exhibiting Newstweek

Newstweek has been exhibited in several festivals, galleries and museums as a fully functioning interactive exhibit, allowing visitors to manipulate news read on a local wireless network.

The installation comprises an HD video of Newstweek, a vitrine containing a reconstruction of the workbench used to create the device and two 'kiosks' used for the selection and manipulation of news. Each kiosk offers dozens of popular news services and is easily customisable to accommodate more.

Newstweek's reality distorting effect is extensible throughout large buildings and open areas with the addition of Newstweek devices, plugged into (inaccessible) wall sockets.

Visitors to the site using the local wireless service with their smartphones, tablet computers and laptops will experience the altered news should they visit sites altered by users of the Newstweek kiosks. Importantly, it is possible for Newstweek to be implemented such that the local wireless network is not affected (if problematic), rather a new network can be created 'on top' of the existing service.

Please get in contact with us at kopf (at) newstweek (dot) com if you would like to host our installation.